Warped Plastic - Rants
This is where I get to vent my spleen on anything and everything. The price of tea in china, current musical trends in the UK, this horrid little shoebox of a flat I live in - you name it, I get to sound off at it. They're not all gripes and personal vendettas, some are just observations - my own little viewpoint on the world around me. After all, I don't want to seem like a complete Negative Nelly but really, if you can't use a website for your own evil disgruntled purposes what fun is it?
These are in no particular order, they're just listed as they come to me. Some of them have been rattling around in my brain for years, others are fresh new grievances. Most of it is just nonsense. Oh boy, mayhem....
Rant Date

Slimy, Squishy, Crunchy Things


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Crimes Against Music


Things I Don't Understand


I'm Mad as Hell...


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Dear Mr. Cameron


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