I suppose I should start off with an apology and/or warning to all the "serious" armour modellers out there. Though I enjoy building and researching them (armour models that is, not modellers) and I certainly have no shortage of AFVs in the "pending" pile, they are somewhat of a secondary interest for me. I mainly build them for a change of pace from aircraft but I must confess my knowledge of AFVs is rather lacking. Not like I'm any expert on aircraft either, but I do at least have a lot more information on them. Why, horror of horrors, sometimes I build armour models straight out of the box and trustingly paint them just the way the instructions tell me to! GASP!! Even worse, when I make the inevitable mistake I just slap a bunch of mud over it! You can't do that with aircraft and get away with it.
So you'll have to try and ignore things like the Canadian Churchill that's the wrong mark, the late model Tiger with no zimmerit or the BT-5 with atypical exhausts. Sorry about that....
As with aircraft 1/72nd is my favoured scale though I'm certainly not adverse to any other scale if the mood strikes me.

1/72nd Scale

1/35th Scale