Revell Tiger Ausf. E
Revell Germany is far and away the leader in small scale armour kits right now. Beautifully moulded, excellent fit and accuracy, very reasonable prices and no shortage of new releases. Many people criticise the lack of figures with their kits but as I never use the little bastards anyway I don't have a problem with their exclusion.
Revell's new 1/72 Cromwell Mk lV is next on my workbench and I hope it is a taste of more allied armour from them. It sold like hotcakes here in England (which is odd because England isn't known for its hotcake market) so perhaps the Revell accountants will take notice.
The Tiger was built pretty much out of the box with only the photo etched gunsight added and the tow cables replaced with that c/l plane lead out wire I like so much. A late model Tiger really should be covered in zimmerit but I must admit I chickened out when the time came. The thought of covering all that lovely detail with a layer of goo and then carving several trillion tiny grooves in it just didn't appeal to me. Would look nice though if I could pull it off. Next time for sure. No, really...
Notice the realistic lint scattered about the terrain. It's that kind of attention to detail that seperates me from the rest of the modelling herd.
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