Esci Churchill Mk. III
The first armour model I've built since I was just a wee lad. Esci's Churchill is a nice little model but the fit leaves a lot to be desired, especially the seams between the tops and sides of the fenders. Careful trimming and dry fitting will pay off here as any filler will affect the detail in this area.
I used Eduard's photo etched set for this kit which has since been discontinued. Included on the tiny fret are new hatches for the commander, the sighting vane, machine gun covers, new ends and handles for the rear mounted fuel tank, new water tin(?) mounting brackets for the rear fenders and various handles and lifting rings.
The road wheels and their swing arms are all one piece mouldings which are really tedious to clean up, but the end result looks fine.
I replaced the machine guns with fine stainless tubing and the tow cables with twisted copper wire. Kit decals were used but the brigade and regiment markings were overpainted to represent a tank of 14 Calgary Regiment, 1st Canadian Army Brigade.
I probably should have left the tops of the fenders off as most Canadian Churchills don't seem to have them (and this would have solved the fit problems as well) but I didn't. So there....
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