Warp Space 1999 Eagle Construction
There's an Eagle in there somewhere....
  Left and below: Before and after shots.
The spine was a particularly nasty bit of moulding with plenty of pits and gouges to go along with the flash. Talcum powder and cyano glue was used to fill the craters in the metal parts which worked really well.
The landing gear pods were drilled out to accept brass tubing which replaced the fragile resin supports.
The brass tubing extended right through the front & rear cages for strength. Parts were sprayed with Mr. Surfacer as a primer and then Tamiya white before final assembly. Epoxy was used for all load bearing structures with only the small detail parts put on with cyano. No way was I having this puppy fall apart under its own weight!
Grooves had to be filed in the small round tanks to get them to fit properly over the diagonal frame members in the rear.
Where ever possible, brass rod was epoxied into holes drilled in parts to ensure a strong bond. A round file was used to shape the ends of struts where they joined to other round frame members for a gap free join.
Starting to look like an Eagle.
The passenger pods on the studio models were held on with screws and brackets on top to enable them to be removed. I wanted mine firmly attached so I epoxied it in place using brass rod fitted into holes drilled in the spine & pod.
Test fitting parts.
Masking for the black areas.
Final assembly - finally!
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