FineMolds 1/72 X-Wing Fighter
A long time ago in a childhood getting further and further away, I built an MPC X-Wing Fighter kit. It wasn't a brilliant kit and I didn't do a brilliant job on it, but as I was only a lad of 12, freshly reeling from the cinematic delights of George Lucas' tour de force and a good ten years away from getting corrupted by the evils of IPMS and *ahem* serious modelling, I thought it was the greatest thing since Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts hit the market. Not quite as tasty perhaps, but great nonetheless.
Fortunately for us now jaded 40+ types who are still somewhat in awe of Mr. Lucas' tales of light sabres and dustbin-shaped droids (without being bastardised by c/g spaceships and giant talking slugs thank you very much George), we no longer have to settle for the horrors of the MPC Star Wars kits. The finely moulded folks at FineMolds (I make no apologies for mixing US and "correct" spellings here) have released superb kits in my favourite scale, starting with this X-Wing in 2005. I hesitate to use the word "scale" in relation to a model of something that doesn't exist of course, but this is science fiction so let's go with it.
I did nothing extraordinary with this, it's about as "out of the box" as my builds get, though I did break a couple of my own rules. Yes I know, modelling shouldn't have rules, but there are some things that I just wouldn't normally do with an airplane or armour model for instance and I'm quite happy to maintain that philosophy in those genres. Two things that usually go straight in the parts box - or the bin, depending on their quality - are stands and horrible little men. In sci-fi though I figure I can relax a bit and utilise those parts. Sometimes.
So there he is, poor old Biggs, who managed to make it all the way to the final attack on the Death Star before being blasted into smithereens by Luke's dad. Thanks pop. Of course we didn't know he was Skywalker kin at that point, just that he was a nasty guy who had a penchant for heavy breathing and dressing in black leather. Sort of like one of George Michael's bathroom buddies, but taller....
I figured (no pun intended) that if I was going to be a rebel and use the stand and the 'orrible little men I may as well go all the way and try to do a decent job on them. Well I did say try.... To quote the little green muppet from the next film: "Do or do not, there is no try". I'll leave it up to you to decide if I "did or did not"....
The Star Wars logo on the stand was done in Flat Aluminum Bare Metal Foil by the way.
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