Revell 1/25 GTO Tiger
Though I'm not really a huge fan of the GTO, I decided to make an exception in this case, mainly because of the flash paint job and that cute little tiger fella that came with it. Mr. Tiger turned out to be a royal pain in the butt to get him to fit behind the wheel properly and if I was to do another one (there was also a gold over white version of this car) I would leave him out. But that would make sense anyway since he wouldn't be driving two cars at once.
With the exception of spark plug and battery wires and replacing the rear tires with racing slicks from the spare parts stash, this was straight out of the box. There were a couple of issues with warped parts that caused problems however, the chassis being the worst. I never did get this straightened out satisfactorily despite my best efforts, consequently the front left wheel doesn't quite touch the ground. We'll just say it's down to engine torque lifting the front end up on takeoff....
The decals were very nicely printed and thin and included options for the black/gold & white/gold cars which were raced in the '60s. I had to coat the entire sheet with Microscale decal film however as the decals were very fragile and broke into many pieces in the water. A not uncommon problem with Revell kits it would seem as my Orange Crate had the same issue.
Nothing fancy here, just a bit of wiring as I mentioned.
The kit includes redline tires that would have been very nice had the red lines not been printed off centre. I turned the fronts around so the plain blackwalls faced outwards. The rears were replaced with slicks as these cars were raced with them on.
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