Magna Miles Martinet Construction
Show 'em what they've won, Johnny. There is something a bit frightening about agreeing to build something for someone you don't know before you've even seen what you're letting yourself in for. Ever the optimist, I expected the worst but hoped for the best. Fortunately, the reality was somewhere in between those extremes. Mostly. The resin parts were okay, multitudinous pinholes notwithstanding, and the white metal bits not too bad at all. I had read a review that said the vacform canopies were very thin and difficult to cut out but other than a bit at the rear where the plastic was stretched a bit thin mine were okay.
At this stage it looks like something the Flintstones might have made but once assembled the thickness of the resin wasn't overly obvious and the cockpit was detailed enough for me.
The wings and horizontal stabs were pinned with brass tube for strength, though obviously I hadn't done the wings before taking this pic. The raised bumps in front of the cockpit (no idea what they are) were sanded off and replaced later with plastic sheet as was the rear facing vent behind the cowling. Epoxy was used for all major parts, superglue only for detail bits. Compared to the Eagle, this was a walk in the park.
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