Web Links & Reference Sites
For all the web developers out there or just those with an interest, here are some sites I have found helpful:
HTML Goodies
Excellent tutorials for web developers that even a slope-headed monkey boy like me can understand. Ugg.
Flash Kit
A good site for Flash developers.
TLai Enterprises
This is their spiel: "Founded in 1996, TLai Enterprises is a firm based out of Los Angeles, California with a focus in digital design and Macintosh software development." Fairly non-descript. I like them because they offer fonts specifically aimed at aircraft & sci-fi modellers. Strange but true.
Some good backgrounds, animations, buttons & 3D clipart thingies like this one:
Hee hee hee....
O'Reilly Network
Publishers of the O'Reilly reference books, this site has anything & everything you need to know about web development, most of which is way over my head.... ¦-|
The JavaScript Source
I'm absolutely rubbish when it comes to writing Javascript so this site is invaluable. All the scripts are free and are simply copied, pasted and modified to suit your needs.