Etcetera Links

The following are a few pages from my personal history:*
Ahh, "The Kleinz".... I could fill a book with my fond recollections of this truly unique and talented individual. I remember the "Georgia Straight" ad well: "Kick-ass double kick drummer wanted for heavy metal band. Must have hair, attitude and spandex". I immediately phoned up and spoke to Mark, my first contact with "Sister Lovers". Kleinz was a raving "Monkeephile" and, being a bit of a closet Monkees fan myself, we struck up a rapport. The rest, as they say, is some kind of story. I played drums for Sister Lovers for 5 crazed and often turbulent years and came out with some great memories, some even greater friendships, a couple of T-shirts, and a few dozen rulers. Oh, and an ex-wife.... What more can you ask of the world?
I lost touch with Kleinz and the SL crowd after I moved to the UK and have only recently managed to rectify that unhappy situation. Check out Mark's excellent site, it represents him far better than I could ever hope to....**
Erin Gillgannon, the man behind Simple World Studios, was the original SL drummer. He left to further his artistic talents at Emily Carr College and this fantastic website is proof that his investment was a wise one. Erin and I were both big Rush fans and I can remember he and I amusing the SL camp at a party with our synchronised air-drumming to "Tom Sawyer". A great guy and a great drummer, Erin reformed with original SL members Kleinz and Timetoy after SL Mk. ll split and "Jungle" was the result. It's all so sordid....
Nardwuar The Human Serviette
Nardwuar the human serviette.... where do I begin? Just check out his website and especially listen to the many interviews he's done with some pretty big names. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll utter the words "what the f---?!?"
The Official Horwich Town Guide
Horwich, the little town that I do live in. Awww....

And some general faves:

The Ultimate Bad Candy Web Site
Remember "Circus Peanuts"? Closely resembling, in both appearance and taste the foam "peanuts" used for packing your mom's best china, but in a lurid pink colour? Well they and many other confectionary tortures from around the world are reviewed on this great site. If I had half the wit and eloquence of Mark and Ben I'd be, err...wittier...and more eloquent, I guess. See what I mean?
Cybercandy Ltd.
The ultimate good candy web site. When I moved to the UK and discovered there were no "Reeses Peanut Butter Cups", "Oh Henry's" or "Lucky Charms" cereal I wondered how I was going to survive. Cybercandy sells North American and Australian candies and cereals to the impoverished Brits and self-exiled Canucks like me. As much as I like "Lucky Charms" though it will be a nippy day in hell before I pay 6.99 for a box of cereal that costs less than 5 bucks in Canada.
Dumb but fun. Silly signs, silly people.
If you get a kick out of all those japanese kit instructions that are directly translated into english you'll love this site.
*This site doesn't appear to be operating at the moment.
**Erin's site also seems to be gone.