Monogram 1/24 Red Baron
Despite being a big fan of Tom Daniels as a wee lad, this is one that somehow escaped my attentions. Better late than never I guess. Given its age, it's a pretty decent kit and fairly simple to build, and you get a cute little Fokker Dr.I to go with it which at a guess I'd say is about 1/100th scale. And no, I didn't build it. The only modifications I made to the car were to hollow out the ends of the exhausts and scratchbuild some new machine guns (see bottom of page).
The chrome plated parts were stripped with oven cleaner and Alclad Chrome used to refinish them after all the seams and blemishes were cleaned up. Das helmut was done in Alclad Polished Aluminium. The main body is Humbrol 220 Ferrari Red and the engine block is Citadel Dwarf Bronze. Interior is Humbrol 85 Coal Black with the central console covered in Bare Metal Matt Aluminium.
The engine is a pretty reasonable facsimile of a Mercedes D.III WWI aircraft engine but it is grossly undersized, being closer to 1/32nd scale than 1/24th. Guns are also far too small and quite crude, thus the scratchbuilt replacements.
  Left: The engine is simple but nice. And small. Right: The machine guns were quite horrible lumps of plastic so I scratchbuilt some new ones with photo etched jackets from Fotocut. Available from my shop.  
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