AMT Creepy T Construction
I didn't spend a lot of time on the interior as it's pretty much invisible once the big head is on. I resisted the idea of putting the included hanger on the skull so it can be removed and hung up like some demented Christmas tree ornament. The dashboard(?) was covered in Pegasus woodgrain decal which is intended for 1/72nd scale aircraft but is way too large for that purpose. In fact, I think it's borderline for 1/25th scale.
As I mentioned, the frame is pretty weak once all the components are in place and the rear wheels mount to tiny lugs that really aren't up to the task. I like those ventilated brake drums though and I'm pretty happy with my scratchbuilt shocks. What a pity you can't see any of this without picking the model up - not a good idea given its fragile nature. The rear tires are styrene mouldings, unlike the fronts which are the more typical vinyl. I flattened the rear tires on the heating element of my Mattel Vacuformer.
Above left: The skull as it comes out of the box, except for the added Milliput to fill sink marks of course.
Above right: The rear of the eye sockets were backed with Milliput to avoid going right through when grinding them out with the Dremel.
Left: The finished skull. A big improvement from the bug-eyed look in my opinion.
Below: The one remaining shock next to my two scratchbuilt items.
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