AMT 1/25 Christine
I built this for my girlfriend who is a big fan of Stephen King, as am I. Of all his books and movies, Christine was always one of my favourites. I believe a remake of the film is in the works but the original John Carpenter version still holds up well in my opinion. Ironically, I crashed my car backwards into a ditch on the way back from seeing the premiere in Vancouver, though in this case the culprit was an icy stretch of road, not an evil '58 Plymouth Fury. I think....
I used Tamiya spray paints for the main body colours, Bright Red and White. Trim is Bare Metal Foil and all chrome was stripped and refinished with Alclad Chrome. Tamiya Bright Red was also used in the interior but with a semi-gloss overcoat to dull it down.
AMT's kit (actually a Plymouth Belvedere) is pretty good, though the side window shape isn't right. It should follow the line of the roof straight back before curving down, whereas AMT have it sloping down pretty much right from the A pillars. That and the whitewalls are nowhere near wide enough and the kit only has the single carb with a standard air cleaner instead of the dual carb set up with chrome oval air cleaners that the car has in the film.
I lost one of the side mirrors (and they were pretty crap anyway) so I scratchbuilt new ones as well as the antenna.
The hood could have fit a bit better but for the most part everything else fit really well.
Other than the side window issue it's a fairly decent representation of the evil bee-yatch. Be sure to shave off the Belvedere logos on the rear sides though.
I stole the dual carbs and manifold from AMT's '57 Chrysler 300C kit and scratchbuilt the oval air cleaners. Surprisingly, there are no hood hinges in the kit, the hood merely sits loosely in place. I didn't bother with any wiring.
The nasty end.
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