MPC 1/25th '67 Vette
gluebomb [gloo·bom] -noun
A previously assembled car model constructed with copious amounts of adhesive and decorated with a mixture of wallpaper paste, honey and mushy peas, using a small rodent as an applicator.
Car modellers have a language all their own, at least if the pages of Scale Auto Modeller are to be believed that is. For instance, they don't use a can of spray paint, they use "rattle cans". Models aren't sprayed, they have paint "shot" at them. Sounds dangerous. Paint doesn't dry, it "gasses out", and fragile decals are "snuck up on" by light coats of clear. These people need to get out more....
In that vein, the gluebomb seems to be the exclusive domain of car modellers, despite the fact that pretty much any previously assembled model can be torn apart and rebuilt. This then, must be the thermonuclear equivalent of a gluebomb.
I got this off eBay (where else??) for a whopping 5 bucks US, plus postage. Marketed as the "Streaker Vette", it had been partly assembled and the body was painted - badly, and that's being kind. In most cases there was more glue than plastic and the paint, if it was paint, looked like it had gone on with the consistency of porridge. It took 7 applications of oven cleaner to restore the body to bare plastic, leaving me to believe that whatever mysterious substance this was it should have been used on the space shuttle in place of the heat resistant tiles.
Surprisingly, the kit was complete with the exception of one missing hood hinge which was no big deal. The previous owner had already cut the hole in the hood for the blower so I was limited to this version, but I would have gone that route anyway.
I didn't care much for the wimpy tires intended for the rear end so I substituted some much beefier ones from my spares box. This, however, required modification to the rear frame and axles to get them to fit. See construction page for details.
I didn't go whole hog on the detailing, preferring to treat this as more of a restoration exercise, so only added spark plug wires. Paint is Tamiya Mica red and all chrome was stripped and refinished with Alclad Chrome.
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