Trumpeter 1/72 SAM-6
I very nearly finished this before leaving the UK for the move back to Canada in 2018. The basic vehicle was complete, only the missiles were left to finish off. The fins required a lot of work to get looking decent so I left them for a future date and carefully packed everything away for the trip across the Atlantic.
It took a few years and a few more moves in Canada before I finally had a place of my own, including a space for modelling. All the many projects I had half done were unpacked and eventually I got around to finishing some of them off, including this one.
The missile fins had very thick and flat leading and trailing edges (see bottom of page), these needed some serious filing and sanding to thin them down and get a decent streamlined look to them. They were the one exception to an otherwise excellent kit.
The tracks and wheels were moulded as one single unit per side. I wasn't overly keen on this approach at first but they were superbly moulded and actually look pretty good on the completed model. And they are a hell of a lot easier to deal with than separate wheels and link and length tracks.
Paint is all Humbrol, though I can't remember which colours I used since it's been about 5 years since I painted this. The fine yellow lines on the missiles were masked and sprayed. The only non-Humbrol paint is the Gunze flat white on the missile noses. Kit decals were used.
The missile on the left shows the thick and flat fins as moulded. The fins on the right hand missile have been filed and sanded to thin them down and improve the look.
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