Omega-K 1/72 Katyusha
Built pretty much straight out of the box, this kit is a little gem. Superbly moulded with fine details and, for the most part, excellent fit. The only difficulty I had was getting the wheels to fit properly within the front & rear wheel wells, possibly because the chassis and cab are used in several different variations in other kits. A bit of fettling was necessary where the rear bed met the back of the cab in order to position it far enough forward to get the wheels in. The front wheels should still be situated a bit further forward I think so that they sit in the middle of the wheel well, but it's close enough for me.
Paint is Humbrol 155 Olive Drab with 85 Coal Black for the wheels and chassis and 33 matt Black with a drop of Light Grey in for the tires. There is no information in the instructions on the various decal options and they are slightly out of register so I opted for the Polish markings as they were the easiest to correct.
The rockets weren't terribly round and had some fairly prominent seams to clean up plus overly thick fins. These took more time and effort to get looking decent than the rest of the truck put together. Paint was a 50/50 mix of Humbrol 11 Silver and 56 Matt Aluminium with the rear sections hand painted in 33 Matt Black.
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