Modelling Sites
Aircraft Resource Center
An excellent site with articles, reviews, an extensive walkaround section and a new joke everyday in the "Test Post Clubhouse". Some of them are actually funny! In all honesty though, they did go through a heavy "let's kick Osama's butt" phase after September 11 which, frankly, got really tedious. Fortunately that seems to have passed. They do have a lot of canadian content which guarantees them hero biscuits in my little world.
They really should rename this site "The 1/48 Luftwaffe Modellers Page" as that seems to be what the majority of the content is focussed on. Nonetheless, still a good site with lots of reference material, modelling articles and a gallery. There's also a large discussion forum and buy & sell postings for both aircraft and armour modellers.
Internet Modeler
A monthly web magazine with excellent reviews, in box previews, build articles etc. Covers aircraft, ships, armour, cars, figures, decals, accessories, and books. I really like this site but I do have one question: Why do americans insist on spelling 'Modeller' with only one 'L'? Same reason the Brits stick an extra 'i' in aluminum or specialty I guess.
IPMS Sites
IPMS Canada
Home of the Sweating Beaver - and if that isn't a reason to visit this site then you need to spend less time in front of your computer.
Jolly old England, where a mysterious creature known as the "Anorak" compiles volumes of train and/or aircraft registrations with no apparent purpose and modellers have an unhealthy obsession with the E.E. Canberra. Why?!?
IPMS Racing & Record Aircraft Special Interest Group
Highly recommended group for anyone with an interest in racing & record setting aircraft. SIG leader Anders Bruun of Sweden puts out an excellent bi-monthly (ish) newsletter called "Bent Throttles". Contact him via the website for more information.
IPMS Stockholm
One of the best IPMS sites around, and I'm not just saying that because I have a thing for swedish stewardesses. Sorry, "flight attendants".
Online Hobby Shops & Manufacturers
Thunderbird Models
My own little online shop live and on the air! Specialising in WWI and biplanes but ultimately I hope to have a comprehensive stock of all eras and interests. Please check it out, order lots and get me out of my day job!
Khee-Kha Art Products
Really nice 1/72nd scale vac form kits of bush planes from the much neglected Golden Age of aviation. Also produces resin Edo floats and Wright J-6 Whirlwind engines.
The service and selection you get from this polish shop is outstanding and their line of 1/48 perforated .50 caliber gun barrels have to be seen to be believed.
Airforces, Etc.
Royal Canadian Air Force
Royal Air Force
Royal New Zealand Air Force
Royal Australian Air Force
Armée de l'air