Revell 1/144th Dassault Rafale M
One of the things I like about this tiny scale is that I can bang something together that I wouldn't normally bother with - like this aircraft for instance. Although it is a neat looking plane the chances that I would invest my usual sloth-like building time into it in any other scale are slim. This is such a little gem though I just couldn't resist slapping it together soon after I bought it.
As usual Revell have overdone the panel lines a bit for the scale (and I didn't help matters much by putting too dark of a wash in them) but it still looks pretty good to me. You'll notice that one of the wingtip Magic 2 missiles is missing. The official story is that the aircraft just returned from the firing range. The real story is that I lost the other one. I was convinced that one of the wee furry beasts had gotten hold of it but I was clearing out the stacks of magazines underneath my workbench a couple of weeks ago and found the missile - missing for well over a year. Now I just have to try and remember what paints I mixed to paint the rest of the ordnance....
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