Revell 1/144th Hawker Hunter FGA.9
Aaaaaagh!!! My eyes...... I'm blind!!!!! Something tells me I should build my stash of 1/144th scale kits in the next couple of years as it really is getting to the point where I'm finding these things just too damn small to see. Don't ya love getting older?! NOT!
Nothing special about this build, it was straight out of the box except I replaced the antenna on the spine and added the tiny IFF antenna on the nose from .005" plastic. Broke the pitot getting it off the sprue so I turned a new one from brass rod in my Dremel. The instructions show the nosewheel door to be a different colour but don't tell you what it is. As there is a tiny yellow chequerboard marking above the 'N' I made an educated guess (asked the studio audience & phoned a friend) and did the door in the squadron colour of blue. Looks pretty anyway....
My only real complaint is that the panel lines are just too big for the scale and give it a bit of a "Matchbox" look, but I guess if it really bothered me all that much I would have filled them in. That smacks of effort though.
This is a terrific little - and I do mean little - kit from Revell. The wheels in particular are beautifully moulded and complete down to the hole for the valve! I have to wonder though why Revell chose to kit a Hunter in this scale when a really good one is sorely needed in 1/72nd. And a nice 1/72 E.E. Lightning wouldn't go amiss either - are you listening Revell?!?
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