Revell 1/144 Airbus Beluga
The last model I finished before I left the UK in September, 2018. It was devilishly difficult to photograph, part of the reason it's taken me so long to put it on the site. I'm still not happy with these shots but they're the best I could get. Apparently my 10+ year old digital camera and rubbish photo set (consisting of a piece of blue poster board propped up in whatever reasonably well-lit place I can find) is just not up to the task. Go figure.
The model itself is pretty good, from what I can recall. The panel lines are way too big, especially on the fuselage. I did my best to fill these with several coats of primer and paint but to no avail. It'll have to do. Paint is Halford's Appliance white on the fuselage, tail fins and engine nacelles, and Xtracolor Airbus Grey and Corroguard Silver on the wings. The metal areas on the engines are various shades of Testors Metalizer.
Decals are from TwoSix Decals. These are laser printed so I was a bit dubious about their quality, however my trepidation was unfounded. They were excellent; crisply printed with solid, opaque colours and they settled down beautifully into the overscale panel lines. Even the large Skylink markings fit the tail perfectly and conformed to all the compound curves on this beast. All the stencilling and door outlines came from the kit decal sheet - after I had taped it to a window for a month to bleach out the yellow in the clear carrier film.
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