Revell 1/144th Black Bunny F-14
Many of us probably harbour delusions of spending a few hours with a Playboy Bunny now and then, however for most of us mere mortals this is the closest we're going to get to that fantasy. Hell, I'd even settle for a few hours with an F-14, but the odds of that happening are probably on par with those of hanging out with one of Hef's finest...
Another excellent kit from Revell. Everything fit as it should and detail is superb for such a tiny kit. I vacformed the canopy on my trusty Mattel Vac-U-Form and added seat belts, ejection pull rings and throttle & landing gear levers to the cockpit but otherwise it's a bog standard build.
I don't normally hang things under wings, preferring the clean look, but in this case thought the all black airframe would be a bit boring so I hung the missiles underneath to liven things up a bit. Decalling these puppies was enough to try the patience of a Zen Buddhist but hats off to Revell for including markings for the ordnance nonetheless.
Paint is Humbrol black and Tamiya white, with the leading edges of the wings & intakes done in Humbrol Metalcote Aluminium. Exhausts are Testors Metalizer, navigation & formation lights picked out in Gunze clear red & green over a silver base.
Left: I added throttle & landing gear levers, though they're difficult to see in the pic.
Nose weight probably isn't needed but I tend to err on the side of caution. I'd rather not find out when it's too late that I've got a tail sitter on my hands.
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