LS 1/144th CF-18 Hornet
Another "Klear" ("Future" to you North Americans) disaster. A lot of people swear by it as a clear coat but I have had nothing but trouble with it. Every time I spray it on the stuff beads up and looks like crap when it dries. Doesn't seem to matter what kind of paint I put it over or whether I thin the stuff or spray it straight out of the bottle. I persevered with this one and ended up with a thick coat of Klear that obscured most of the fine detail moulded in. I should have stripped it off and started again with Gunze clear, my favourite clear coat, but I was lazy and just wanted to get the thing done. The CF-18 looks okay - from a distance, but except for dipping canopies I really am going to avoid Klear in future. Oooh..... nice one Andy.
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